0001 DP Saddlery Maxima Contour Saddle, S3

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This Gorgeous and Unique Maxima Contour Dressage saddle is built on our famous Ultra-Flex tree and has the fully adjustable gullet width via allen wrench system. This allows you to change the width of your saddle continuously, from extra narrow to extra wide and anything in between. Wool flocked Shoulder Relief panels allow a saddle fitter to fine tune the panels to your horses back if necessary. As if those options weren’t enough, the bottom panel of the Maxima can be removed to convert this saddle into a mono-flap, and the angle of the flap can be changed as well, with pre-drilled holes to make it user friendly. Recommended for alternative breeds

Ultra-Flex Trees Our line of English Saddles are built on our flexible Ultra-Flex Saddle tree, made out of high quality Carbon Fiber. The advantage of our Ultra-flex tree is, that although they are slightly flexible, they will not collapse underneath a rider’s weight, while allowing the horse to move out freely. A great benefit of the Ultra-Flex tree is that it’s also very light weight and most riders enjoy this benefit greatly. We take great pride in bringing you one of the best and most reliable flexible trees available on today’s market.

Adjustable Gullet Width The English Saddles are available with our patented continuously adjustable gullet system, which allows the rider to easily narrow or widen the width by as much as necessary, or fine tune the fit by just a fraction of an inch via an Allen Wrench, without ever having to take the saddle apart. This system is adjustable from K1-K5 (compare to narrow through extra-wide), which is comparable to the Sprenger Measuring System for Withers Size 6 through Size 2

Seat Sizes S1, S2, S3
Colors: Brown/Black
Saddle Leather Nappa or Nubuck
Hardware: Brass, Stainless steel
Lenght of Flap DK (Standard) 21″ approx and DL 23″ approx

Special:Contour Stiching