0001 Equinature Hoof-Fix Oil

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Hoof-Fix Oil 100% plant oils – no carriers

Quickly absorbs into the hoof to destroy bacteria that causes disease and can be used a s a topical analgesic. Hoof-fix Oil is an antimicrobial and anti bacterial surface treatment used for bruising and pain of the hoof and sole. It can be applied to the sole and frog areas that have thrush or white line infection. It can be used as a prevention and treatment that creates an undesirable atmosphere for fungus and bacteria to live in.

Contains natural oils of eucalyptus, wintergreen, rosemary and camphor.

This product contains only essential plant oils and is not diluted – you need very little of this product. it soaks into the foot immediately where it delivers its properties. it is not a hoof dressing. Easy to apply to cracks, white line and areas with thrush.