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Our grooming section has everything you will need to take excellent care of your horse. Searching for tools and supplies to take care of your horse’s coat, maintain their hooves, or control flies? Save on them all at The Trainer’s Loft. For more information, contact The Trainers Loft at 603-729-0018.


Showing 1–20 of 1026 results

Grooming improves your horse’s circulation and the skin’s natural oil production. As a result, your horse’s coat develops a healthy gloss, and dapples appear naturally. Regular grooming allows you to detect any medical issues with your horse, taking the necessary intervention to avoid worsening the horse’s situation.

Having the proper horse grooming kit ensures you attend to your horse effectively. Each tool has a distinct function. Understanding the proper use of each allows you to use them effectively.

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Essential Horse-Grooming Toolkit

Some horse grooming supplies are a must-have, while others are optional. The list below expounds on the essential horse grooming necessities you need to conduct groom your horse effectively:

Curry Comb

A curry comb is a tool with flexible rubber teeth or nubs that removes the dirt and loose hair. The massage that you give your horse while using the curry comb also promotes better blood flow in the horse’s skin and muscles. A curry comb is a must-have in your grooming kit, as it is the first item you use when grooming.

Dandy/Stiff Brush

The dandy brush or stiff brush is a brush with stiffer bristles and is mainly used to clean dried mud from a horse’s legs or body. It is used just after currying to remove the thickest layer of loosening dirt and hair. Additionally, it might help clean muck off hoof walls.

The back may be made of either plastic or wood, and the bristles can be coarse, natural animal hair, or synthetic fibers. Highly sensitive or thin-skinned horses find it hard to tolerate the stiff brush’s coarseness. Therefore, look for brushes with varying degrees of stiffness, from very rigid to moderately stiff, depending on your horse’s skin and preferences.

Soft Brush

This brush, used last during the grooming process, is a vital piece to a horse groomer. Its soft and delicate bristles are packed together to smooth out the horse’s hair and eliminate even the smallest dust particles from its coat, enhancing the natural sheen.

You can buy soft bristle brushes with synthetic, natural, or a combination of both types of bristles and wooden or plastic handles. While dandy brushes are rectangular, soft brushes may be oval and may have a leather thong wrapped around the handle. They come in various textures ranging from medium-stiff to medium-soft, and they are highly beneficial for horses with sensitive and thin skins.

Hoof Pick

The hoof pick is the grooming kit’s most important tool. A hoof pick cleans the horse’s hooves of manure, mud, stones, and debris. Hoof picks come in various designs, including those with brushes for wiping away bedding and crusted dirt and those with ergonomic designs for comfort in the hand.

Shines and Detanglers

A horse grooming kit must include shines and detanglers, especially if your horse is entering a show ring. These maintain your horse’s coat and prevent mane and tail knotting. Although they often come in spray form, serum products are also available.

Keeping your horse’s mane and tail free of knots keeps the hair healthy and in good shape and decreases breakage. Some detangling sprays can also serve as coat sprays to repel dirt.


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Other Helpful Horse Grooming Tools

Some grooming supplies are optional, although crucial to include in your horse grooming kit. They include:

  • Shires Grooming Shedding Tool – it is used to grab stray hairs easily.
  • Pulling comb – The simplest tool for removing manes. It is incredibly beneficial for horses competing in sports like jumper, hunter, and dressage.
  • Shedding blades/tools – These tools are particularly helpful during the shedding season and feature small teeth for removing loose hair.


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