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Shop our selection of general stable supplies, like manure forks, feed bags, and more. For more information, contact The Trainers Loft at 603-729-0018. If you need specific medical supplies, for anything from anti-fungal salves to thermometers, browse our collection of holistic and traditional medicine. 


Showing 1–20 of 912 results

Horses require daily care, regardless of the season, holiday schedules, or other external factors. Maintaining a horse requires daily maintenance to ensure they are healthy and thriving. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your stable or barn has all the necessary barn supplies to take good care of your horse.

The stable supplies required to operate a successful horse farm include general, medical, and stable hardware supplies. These items ensure that your facilities are clean, your horses are safe, and that operations run efficiently.


  • Hardware Supplies 

Horse-farm hardware contributes to the organization and functionality of a farm or stable. Stable hardware includes stall door handles, bucket hooks, and salt block holders. The Trainer’s Loft offers hardware for stables and farms, from double-end snaps to swivel snaps to tie rings, at affordable costs.


  • Medical Supplies 

Maintain an up-to-date horse medical kit in your barn so that you are ready for all medical emergencies that might happen. Having a medical kit on hand can make a big difference for your horse’s well-being in the event of a medical emergency. There is much a horse owner can do while waiting for the veterinarian to come out, and much that can be done when a vet call is not necessary.

Here is a list of some essential horse medical supplies and extra items to have available in your horse’s medical kit:

  1. Eyewash
  2. Digital Thermometer
  3. Hoof Sock
  4. Honey Wound Repair
  5. Ice Boot

Check the rest of the medical supplies available at The Trainer’s Loft.


  • General Stable Supplies 

The general stable supplies are accessories you can use for the running and maintenance of your equine facility. Watering troughs, buckets, tail bags, and barn gloves are all examples of horse barn supplies.

Other examples of general stable supplies include:

  1. Bucket heaters (or heated buckets)
  2. Replacement pitchfork heads
  3. Hay bags
  4. Automatic Waterers
  5. Fencing equipment
  6. Salt block holders
  7. Tack Trunks
  8. Rubber mat grippers
  9. Saddle Racks
  10. Muck tubs
  11. Grazing muzzles

The Trainer’s Loft has everything you need for your stable to be well stocked. Your horse is safe and comfortable if its stable is well-kept and stocked.


  • Wormers 

Parasitic worms pose a significant threat to your horses’ health and well-being. Horses may get tapeworms during the grazing season; thus, autumn is the optimum time to treat them. Untreated parasite infestations may result in poor coat health, loss of weight and muscle tone, or colic.

Equimax, Farnam, Horse Health, Pfizer, and Strongid are reputable wormer brands that can be used to combat parasites. In addition, rotational pastes, daily feed-through wormers, and rotational worming kits can assist in the eradication of parasite worms and dangerous stomach bots.

Buy regular horse dewormer products from our store to treat and prevent strongyles, roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, and other primary equine parasites.

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Whether you need to outfit a complete stable, repair a stall for your horse, or replace a few barn supplies, we have all the stable supplies you might need to keep your stable in top condition.

At The Trainers Loft, we have a wide range of stable supplies, both new and used. Shop premium brands and stock your stable with long-lasting stable accessories at our shop in Tilton, New Hampshire, or through our website shop page. Contact us for any inquiries.