Riding Apparel

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If you have an upcoming equestrian event, show or you’re looking for specific gear, stop by The Trainer’s Loft. We carry a large selection of riding apparel, with both used and brand new items. Plus, if we don’t have the style or size you are looking for, we can easily special order items from our vendors so you have your equipment in a matter of days.


Showing 1–20 of 2293 results

At The Trainer’s Loft, we specialize in selling riding apparel in New Hampshire. Our mission is to enhance your horse riding experience by providing you with riding apparel and equestrian clothing that meet your unique needs. You can count on our years of experience for high-quality apparel to fit specific equestrian events. Whether you are looking for riding breeches, helmets, or gloves, our attendants are always there to help you. If the item you are looking for is out of stock, we can order it for you in a few days. Take a look at our clothes for horse riding supplies and pick the items you need for your equestrian event.



Breeches are athletically inspired clothes for horse riding that cover you from the waist to the feet. They are made from unique fabrics and fit snugly to enhance your riding flexibility and pleasure. The particular fabric also provides a grip to enhance your riding experience. Our breeches at Trainer’s Loft come in different sizing as looks for your day with the horses. We also have winter riding pants to help you keep riding regardless of the season.


Casual Riding Clothes

We stock casual riding tops and shirts made from materials that keep you comfortable throughout the ride. Our selections have moisture-wicking, stretching, breathability, and UV protection capabilities. Better still, you can select your casuals from various colors and designs.


Horse Show Clothing

Our collections also include show jackets, show shirts, show gloves, and elegant breeches to give a perfect winning appearance. We ensure you are set for a win every time you shop at our horse show selections.


Equestrian Protective Gear

We are aware of the risks of horse riding and have invested in protective gear to keep you safe. Our equestrian protective gears include riding helmets, a must-wear for every rider, protective vests, and inflatable vests. We have a range of colors and designs for the protective gears.


Riding Gloves

Whether you are headed for schooling or a show, riding gloves complete your preparation for the event. We have a collection of different glove designs and brands to help you exercise choice and match the theme of each event.


Equestrian Outerwear

Our outerwear is specifically designed for the saddle. Whether you are looking for jackets, fleece jackets, or rain gear, we have high-quality outerwear for any occasion. Our outerwear keeps you warm when riding in the cold without diluting your equestrian lifestyle.


Riding Socks & Undergarments

We have the widest selection of riding socks and undergarments at Trainer’s Loft. We have socks fit for tall and paddock boots. Our selection is limited to high-quality socks and top brands to give you value. Shop with us to enjoy a range of colors and designs.


Men’s Apparel

We also sell a rand of men’s apparel. Whether you need a schooling or show apparel, we have equestrian attire for every discipline. Shop with us for men’s breeches, outerwear, show shirts and jackets, or casual riding clothes.


Kids’ Equestrian Clothes

We understand your kids complete the fun in a family horse riding event. Whether the kids join you for show or schooling, they need appropriate riding apparel. We sell kids’ show coats, breeches, paddock boots, and tall boots. Our kids’ collection enhances their comfort through their moisture-wicking and UV protection abilities. 


Looking for Riding Apparel in NH? Contact Trainer’s Loft

If you are looking for high-quality riding apparel, visit our store or online store for the best deals in NH. All our horse riding clothes are brand new. Our stores also stock other equine supplies, including horse feeds. Contact us today for riding for all your riding apparel needs.