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Bits and blankets, bridles and cruppers, reins and saddles; it seems you’re always in need of tack and equipment. Trust us, we know.  Shop our used tack selection, consignment, and start saving money on all of your horse tack needs.

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Showing 1–20 of 7607 results

The equipment required when starting to horseback ride can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have the correct information about which items to buy. At The Trainer’s Loft, we are open to all equestrians, from beginners to experienced riders and handlers. We can help you identify the must-have equipment and guide you on how to use it.

The Trainer’s Loft is a used horse tack and consignment shop specializing in integrated horse supplies. We are a proud supporter of the local horse community in New Hampshire. We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive collection of equipment and gear that you might need for any upcoming equestrian event at an affordable price. We can also help you order customized kits from our vendors to meet your specific styles and sizes. 


Importance of a Tack Shop

The Trainer’s Loft provides beginners and long-time competitors with horse riding equipment and gear for every skill and level. In addition, our tack shop is essential to the local horse community in New Hampshire.


Consignment Items Available at The Trainer’s Loft

At The Trainer’s Loft, we work hard to keep our items affordable in order to help you save while shopping for horse riding equipment and gear. In addition, all goods in our tack shop are individually inspected to ensure they are of high quality and safe for both horse and rider. Some of the essential items we offer for horse riders include:


  • Riding Pants

Our breeches are athletically inspired and are made of thin fabric that is stretchy to allow easy movement.


  • Boots

Good riding boots have a small heel to prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup, and a lightly textured sole to keep your foot from getting stuck in the stirrup. Our boots also have a toe box to protect your toes. 


  • Helmets

Horseback riding can be dangerous; therefore, all equestrians must have a helmet. We have helmets specifically designed for horseback riding with ASTM certification. You should always come into the store to get fitted for a helmet as the shape of the helmet varies from brand to brand and style to style. Helmets should be replaced every 5 years or after any fall where the head touches the ground. NEVER buy a used helmet, as you have no way of knowing how old that helmet is, or what it might have gone through. All of our helmets are new and purchased through the manufacturer. We do not carry consignment helmets.


  • Shirts

We carry shirts made of breathable fabric to ensure flexible movements and comfort. They also have UV protection, making them ideal for horse riding for long hours. 


  • Safety vests

We have a variety of safety vests in our tack shop that keeps you safe in case you fall from a horse.

Horses, need to feel comfortable and safe when being ridden as well as the rider. The Trainer’s Loft provides you with the necessary tack and equipment for the horse, such as:


  • Stirrup leathers and irons

A good quality stirrup leather and iron provides you with a solid base of support when in the saddle. Quick release or safety stirrups, both English and Western, help you not get dragged in the event that you fall off the horse. Stirrup leathers should be checked for dry rot or missing stitching with every ride.


  • Fly spray

Fly spray is essential in the spring and summer for your horse’s comfort. Flies, ticks, and mosquitos can be dangerous for horses as they carry and spread diseases. 


  • Saddles, saddle pads, and girths

We have high-quality saddles of different sizes to fit you and your horse depending on the activity you want to pursue. We also sell girths to hold your saddle and keep it in place. Saddle pads help to cushion your horse’s back and absorb shock and sweat.


  • Bridles, reins, and bits

Make certain to get the correct bridle to fit comfortably on your horse’s head. Reins should be long enough to allow the horse to stretch without pulling you forwards. We can help advise you on a bit that is suitable for your horse’s training and sensitivity level.


  • Horse blankets

Blankets may be necessary depending on the climate of the area in which you live in. Stable blankets and sheets keep your horse warm while in the barn or stall. They are not suitable for turnout. Turnout blankets and sheets have waterproofing capabilities to keep your horse warm and dry in inclement weather.


  • Grooming tools

Grooming is one way for you to bond with your horse. Grooming helps prevent rubs and chafing by removing dirt, manure, or mud from the places where your tack will go. It also gives you a chance to check your horse over for any wounds or injuries before you ride.

We mainly focus on the essential horseback riding equipment; however, there is much more to explore at our tack store!


We Are Your Equestrian Supplies Experts

The Trainer’s Loft is your one-stop tack shop for all high-quality horse supplies and essentials to keep you and your horse safe and healthy. We also have a fantastic team that offers the best customer service in the horse riding industry. Contact us for any inquiries regarding our tack and supplies for horses.