0001 Blanket Safe Water Repellent Spray, 32oz

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Blanket Safe Water-Repellents are water based, odor less and safe for horse blanket. They will not inhibit breathability of the materials.

Water Repelling with Blanket Safe, Water Sitting on Fabric. Blanket Safe horse blanket washes and horse blanket repairs. Amazing results. Specialty horse blanket washes, that are safe for waterproofing and detergent free.


Blanket Safe Water-Repellent treatments are water based, that means NO ODORS! The Water-Repellent wraps around the individual fibers and does NOT coat the fabric in a non-breathable material…such as wax or silicone! There are no harmful chemicals in the making of this product! We believe that Blanket Safe Water-Repellents works best as a spray on formulation, however we are working on a suitable wash in water-repellent!

Basic How To: Blanket Safe Water-Repellent Application

Wash your blanket, spray on your clean wet blanket, and AIR DRY ! NO HEAT required. As always, you should never, and I mean NEVER dry your horse blanket in a dryer, even on low heat. What is great, is that there is no need. This product cures during dry time, and usually takes between 48-72 hours.

Once this product is dry it is not harmful to pets or kids! It usually lasts between 9-12 months depending on age of blanket, and wear and tear of blanket! This product is been highly tested by several retailers, and their customers and QA teams love these products! **Keep in mind that Blanket Safe is not a heavy duty treatment, it is perfect for modern day fabrics, however extremely worn fabrics, or those with a very low denier may not respond as well as blankets with a 1000+ Denier. These water-repellents will help increase and maintain the factory applied waterproofing of your horse blanket.

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