0001EQRS Equipedic Endurance/Round Skirt Pad (40X 28L)

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The EquiPedic® Endurance pad is truly the ultimate endurance pad for world class riders. Yet, it is ideal for everyday use on the trail and in the arena. The patent pending design of the pad and the use of ConforPedic Impact Reduction Material™ allows the pad to contour and flex with your horse’s movements to absorb shock and protect your horse’s back. It will conform to your horse’s back and saddle and eliminate poor saddle fit.

The pads measures 40″ X 28″ and weighs 3lb., 7 oz. One inch inserts with the highest level impact load deflection available. Perfect for 100 mile races, multi day rides and every day use.



A Smart Textile Engineered To Optimize Performance The EquiCharge™ Oxygenated Energy Recovery System for horses takes advantage of recent development of smart textiles that are engineered for performance. EquiCharge™ incorporates Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber), a fiber based on rare earth elements. Celliant™ (formerly known as HoloFiber) is optically responsive to wavelengths of ambient light as well as energy produced by the body. The mechanism involves interaction with cells that include the mitochondria (the power source of the cell), and influences increased oxygen levels in body tissues. This more readily available oxygen, can result in improved metabolism, an increase in energy as well as faster recovery from exertion.


uses Outlast® technology to lower the surface body temperature of your horse when under performance!

Unlike membrane wicking fabrics that just transfer limited amounts of moisture, EquiKOOL™ turns your saddle pad into an active cooling system.

EquiKOOL™ is laboratory-tested and field-proven to keep your horse 4 to 5 degrees cooler for extended periods of time.


The EquiPedic™ saddle pad incorporates ConforPedic™ Impact Reduction Material™ to not only provide unsurpassed comfort for riders, but also protect horses from painful saddle sores.

This unique material is  able to absorb hoof impact (pressure) as it distributes the riders weight evenly over it’s entire surface area to virtually eliminate the “hot spots” that can lead to saddle sores. Proven ability to reduce pressure points!

The choice of European veterinarians to protect ultra-sensitive horseflesh against pressure sores for over a decade!

How Does EquiPedic™ Compare

When It Comes To Air Flow And Breathability?

Your horse has greater evaporative cooling capability with an EquiPedic saddle pad…

The EquiPedic™ saddle pad incorporates wool felt, non backed Cordura nylon, and the ConforPedic™ Impact Reduction Material™. All are fully breathable and out perform other materials used in saddle pads with regard to unrestricted air flow. Nothing in an EquiPedic saddle pad will impede evaporative cooling.

Independent testing proves that the EquiPedic™ saddle pad outperforms six leading competitors when it comes to unrestricted air flow and keeping your horse comfortable.

The choice of top horse people to provide their equine partners with the competitive edge to perform at the highest levels of athletic competition. Yet, perfect for your back yard horse!

390% More Breathable Than Our Closest Competitor!

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