0001EQXR Equipedic XTreme HD Endurance Round Pad

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Perfect for 100 mile races, multi day rides and every day use. Choose from Raven Black, Gray, Brown or Sage.

Currently, only the black is available from the company, but the other colors will be coming soon!


The pad measures 40″ X 28″ and weighs 3lb., 7 oz. and is provided with 3/4 inch thick high density foam inserts with the highest level impact load deflection available. The inserts are twice as dense as our regular Comfort foam inserts and have 3X the level of impact deflection with less compression. The foam breathes and wicks moisture away from the horse and combined with the Air Mesh top provides the highest level of air flow of any saddle pad, keeping your horse cooler during XTreme activity. There is no skin on the foam so it is not necessary to drill holes to allow for air flow as in competitive foam inserts.

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Additional Information


Raven Black, Gray, Brown, Sage

4 lbs