0001 Western Safety Stirrups

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The Free Ride Western Safety Stirrups*
A safety stirrup specifically for western riders

* Time Tested, Non Mechanical Release
* Classic Western Style
* Leather Keeper hides Breakaway peacock
* Safety at an Affordable Price
* Custom Monogramming-FREE!

Please include a note with your order telling us what keeper corner stamping you want, what concho stamp you want, and what monogram you want. LIMITED to 5 letters for large stirrups, and 4 letters for medium stirrups.


We believe we have the BEST product of its kind in the world. Our Free Ride Western Safety Stirrup is a good looking western stirrup that greatly reduces your chance of getting your foot caught in your stirrup and being dragged in the event you fall or are thrown from your horse.

Our Western Safety Stirrups are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA using American materials and labor. No outsourcing is used in the production of our truly American product.

You deserve the confidence and peace of mind our quality American made product delivers with every ride!

Our Large size is 5 3/4″ wide at the footrest by 5 5/8″ tall with a 3” deep footpad. This size fits most men and will accommodate the average size male rider or large footed female rider. It will also accommodate large and wide feet. Folks riding in winter boots, work boots, etc, will want to ride in this size stirrup for sure.

Our Medium/Youth size is 4 3/4″ wide at the footrest by 4 5/8″ tall with a 2 1/2″ deep footpad. It will accommodate smaller adult male riders as well as most women and youth riders.

Color choices:

Corner Choices 

Concho Choices – 

These stirrups are a custom order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. We will contact you with your tracking information when they are ready to ship.

Additional information

Additional Information


Large, Medium/Youth


Natural, Black, Chestnut, Latigo

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