0001 Leather Therapy Wash, 16oz

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This non-toxic, environmentally friendly product by Leather Therapy features an advanced leather cleansing formula that is ideal for both natural and synthetic leathers. Does not contain waxes, oils or additives that may trap dirt. Wash is highly concentrated and economical. Test in a hidden area. Not for use on suede.

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Leather Therapy Wash deep cleans from the inside out, lifting dirt and grime from the inner fibers of leather to prevent deterioration and cracking”without leaving surface residue. This convenient leather cleaner is gentle on both leather and stitching, and will perform flawlessly on the finest saddles and tack, boots, shoes, and jackets”even synthetic leather. It is ideal for cleaning western tack with intricate tooling as the residue-free formula eliminates buildup in detailed areas.

Key Benefits

  • Deep Cleans: Leather wash lifts out embedded dirt.
  • Easy to use: Easy to use spray is ideal for daily use
  • Won’t leave a residue: Leather wash doesn’t leave a residue, and won’t cause a moisture build-up.
  • No-rinse formula: Simply wipe off Leather Wash — there is no need to rinse.
  • For best results: Follow wash with Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner.

Directions For Use

For regular maintenance: Spray Leather Therapy Wash on a clean sponge or soft cloth and apply to leather.

For dirty leather: lightly spray Leather Therapy Wash directly on the leather and allow the cleaning ingredients to lift the dirt, then wipe away the lifted soil. Do not saturate leather; a little goes a long way. Because the micro-suds contain beneficiallubricants, it is not necessary to wipe away all excess cleaner.
TEST IN A HIDDEN AREA FIRST. Will not stain clothing