0001 New Country Organics Non-GMO Beet Pulp

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High Fiber Non-GMO Beet Pulp Pellets


Ideal for All Life Stages of Equine, Bovine, and Caprine


Helps Boost Hindgut Health and Promotes Hydration


With highly digestible fiber, New Country Organics Non-GMO Beet Pulp Pellets are a great supplement for horses of all life stages and all activity levels. This supplement is ideal for promoting gut health and ideal weight. A handful of soaked pellets is great for getting supplements into “easy keepers” or “finicky eaters,” while larger quantities of soaked pellets are ideal for aiding weight gain and keeping horses hydrated during travel or stressful events. While this product is not certified organic, it is Non-GMO which helps reduce the likelihood of chemical “toxic sludge” accumulation in the hindgut, namely glyphosate. Studies have shown that good hindgut health greatly affects performance and overall health.


Feeding Directions:

Feed as needed to supplement nutrition or at a rate of 1.5 to 2% total body weight per day. Feeding in a bucket or feed tub, preferably at ground level, is recommended. Like with any beet pulp product, you’ll want to soak it for at least 30-45 minutes before feeding (we recommend 1 part pellets to 5 parts water) to prevent choke. Introduce this product slowly to animals not currently consuming beet pulp.