Vermont Blend Pro (0001VTP)


Vermont Blend PRO’s serving size is 2oz (1/4th level measuring cup) per day.

It contains two main ingredients for digestive support: Yea-Sacc Extra and BioMos2. Yea-Sacc Extra is a live cell yeast probiotic that contains 50 billion CFU per serving. BioMos2 is a prebiotic that supports the immune system, gut and will bind harmful bacteria such as e. coli and salmonella.

**If you are currently a valued customer using Vermont Blend, there is no reason to switch to the PRO version unless you would like a smaller serving size or additional digestive support.**

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New used horse tack

New used horse tack


Additional information

Additional Information


Sample – approx. 1lb, 7.5 lbs – 60 servings, 25lbs – 200 servings