Gallagher’s Water Electrolytes and Trace Minerals (0001GWET)


Does your horse sweat profusely? If your horse competes in extreme competitions and sports such as flat racing, steeplechasing, polo, foxhunting, eventing, cutting, team penning, endurance riding, etc. – you need to focus on not only hydration but loss of electrolytes. We have you covered!
Our new balanced Electrolytes and Trace Minerals may be given by themselves as a top dressing on feed, in your horse’s drinking water or – better yet – as an additional boost in Gallagher’s Water on those occasions when your horse needs more.
This is a great product to have in your tack box when your horse needs more electrolytes.

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One pound jar.

How to use

  • Add 1-2 scoops to a bucket of Gallagher’s Water for an extra boost, or mix in feed or two gallons of fresh water.
  • Use to replace electrolytes and traces minerals horses lose during hot weather, exercise, or hauling.

Additional information

Additional Information

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