Gallagher’s Water, No Sugar, 3lb (0001GWNS)


No Sugar! For horses with Cushing’s Disease or sugar intolerance – we have you covered!

Gallagher’s Water is the original, all-natural equine hydration beverage. In a nutshell, it is a natural flavor enhancement powder mix – with electrolytes and trace minerals – designed to encourage horses to drink water. There are times when you need to quickly get fluids into your horse, and Gallagher’s Water helps make that task easier. With its alfalfa flavor, most horses are eager to try it. Once accustomed to it (or immediately, depending on the pickiness of your horse!), they eagerly drink up the contents of the bucket. Easily transported in single-serving packets, you can offer your horses a drink they enjoy virtually anywhere. And yes, it’s competition safe!

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Loose powder in a resealable pouch. Equivalent to approximately 22 servings. One scoop per gallon of water – easy peasy! Scoop included.

When can you use Gallagher’s Water?

  • Before and after exercise or competition
  • Before. during, and after travel
  • When a horse presents signs of mild colic
  • Hot weather conditions
  • Cold weather conditions
  • Seasonal weather changes
  • Foaling mares
  • As a treat
  • Any time you need to get more fluids in your horse!

How to Use Gallagher’s Water:

  • Fill a two-gallon bucket with water
  • Pour contents of one packet into the water
  • Stir until it is mixed and serve immediately

It can also be used as a top-dressing on feed, although you will not obtain the immediate benefit of getting your horse to drink in the moment.

Tips and Suggestions 

  • To prevent dehydration in your horse, it is best if used daily.
  • Offer as needed for re-hydration after workouts, to encourage horses to drink during travel, to aid in dispensing some medications, or offer as a treat.
  • Gallager’s Water is not intended to serve as free-choice or as a replacement for your horse’s drinking water.
  • Always have fresh water available for your horse.
  • Consult your veterinarian when introducing your horse to a new product.
  • While we use human food-grade ingredients, the contents are not intended for human consumption.
  • If your horse is used to the Original formula Gallagher’s Water, there may be an adjustment period with introducing the No Sugar formula. Some horses aren’t sure because it’s not what they were expecting when they stick their muzzle in the bucket. Get your horse used to the new option by mixing half a serving of the Original with half a serving of No Sugar. Over the course of your next few servings, decrease the amount of the Original formula while increasing the amount of the No Sugar until you can offer the No Sugar on its own.

What’s In It?
All natural ingredients you can pronounce! Alfalfa, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Maltodextrin, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Gluconate, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Citrate.

Good to Know
Gallagher’s Water is made in the U.S. from premium human-grade ingredients. Each ingredient is micro-tested before being accepted into our inventory and then spot-tested at random in our warehouse. It is packaged in a commercially sterile environment that is frequently audited by the USDA. Great care goes into producing the best product for your horses and livestock because we know they are important to you!

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Additional Information

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