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 Offers riders a non-slip, shock-absorbent surface while addressing equestrian knee and ankle pain.

What is ThinLine?

ThinLine is a shock-absorbing non-slip foam used primarily in saddle pads to protect horse and rider backs.

Western: 9 3/4″ long and 6″ wide (brown wrap)

English: 7 1/4″ long and 5″ wide (black wrap)


What benefits does ThinLine deliver to a riders’ stirrup?

  • Shock Absorption – While sitting horses or riding in a jumping position, this knee relief stirrup wrap will give you shock absorption proven to support riders and relieve joint impact.
  • Stability – One of the magical properties of ThinLine is how it “sticks” to your boot just enough to keep you feeling secure but never compromises intentional foot placement.
  • Improved Equitation – Non-slip shock absorption allows riders to sit the gaits with reduced foot and lower leg movement.
  • Happier Horses – Shock-absorbing wraps protect your horse on the flat and over fences by reducing jar of your weight in the stirrups.

How does the Ride Right Wrap help knee and ankle discomfort?

Designed and patented by the surgeon and lifelong equestrian Dr. James Warson.  The wedges relieve uncomfortable knee and ankle angles induced by stirrup position while the shock-absorbing ThinLine material greatly reduces jarring and slip.

Ride Right Stirrup Wrap Product Details

Wraps are sold in black for English and dark brown for Western.

Wraps are extremely durable, washable, and easy to apply. No rubber or latex.  Simply select Western or English.

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