0030 Nate Bowers Driving – Preparation for Driving – Part 1

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Nate Bowers

Driving can be one of the most engaging, enjoyable, yet challenging activities you and your horse can do together. Nate Bowers of Bowers Natural Driving has teamed up with Pat Parelli to share the history, strategy, and savvy you’ll need to become adept – and safe – during your driving excursions.

This 2-DVD set will take you, step-by-step, through the process of setting up a natural foundation with your driving horse.

Just as Pat has a four-part Colt Starting ladder (1. Accept the human, 2. Accept the saddle, 3. Accept the rider, 4. Accept the bit), Nate has applied a similar process to driving. With these ingredients in place, along with an awareness of what to do when the unexpected occurs, driving will become a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both you and your horse!

Chapters Include:

Foundation Before Specialization

Before you begin driving, it’s essential to have a framework in mind. In this chapter, Nate Bowers articulates what a solid foundation would look like for your horse, and how that foundation sets you and your horse up for success once specialization begins.

Accept and Understand the Harness

Combining driving terminology, a step-by-step teaching strategy, and his knowledge of Pat Parelli’s Seven Games, Nate explains and demonstrates how to achieve harmony and dialogue with your horse through the harness.

Accept and Understand the Vehicle

With assistance from Parelli Professional Amy Bowers, Nate takes us through the process of introducing your horse to a vehicle. Utilizing simulations and the Seven Games, Nate demonstrates how “taking the time it takes” is truly effective.

Accept and Understand Leadership from Zone 5

In this chapter, Nate stresses the importance of being particular and isolating steady pressure as you begin leading from behind the horse. By using simulations with long lines, Nate shows how patience and giving the horse what he needs is essential. Nate concludes by reinforcing the importance of having a purpose and “wishing in the right direction.”

Runtime: 3hrs

Nate Bowers has dedicated his life to applying natural horsemanship principles to the world of driving. Together with his wife Amy, Nate created Bowers Natural Driving, a revolutionary program that “uses natural horsemanship techniques to create a natural foundation for horses before teaching the skills of driving.” Nate has learned invaluable lessons from his father, Steve Bowers, an amazing natural driver, as well as from Pat Parelli himself. Worldwide interest in driving is increasing every day, and with Nate Bowers as a catalyst for a more natural approach, the future is bright for this beautiful tradition.