0898-1 Duett Rondo 2 Dressage Saddle, 17″, 36cm

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Used saddle in impeccable condition. 36cm tree/7.5″ (REALLY wide!!!).

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These saddles are specially designed for the wide, table-backed, low-withered horse (does this sound
familiar?). The gullets are wide, and the seats are comfortable, which ensures a good ride for both horse and
Although the name DUETT is new, the saddle manufacturer has been in business for 30 years and is well
established in Europe. The key to the comfort of the Rondo and all the other Duett
models is the superb design of the seat … no high pommel, no hard edges under your leg, nice wide platform
for your rear end! You really do forget about the saddle and are able to concentrate on your riding.

DUETT saddles are built on a conventional saddle tree: metal-reinforced laminated wood, with “spring
tree” – webbed seat for rider comfort.

The Rondo 2:

Smooth, elegant, upgraded bridle leather on flaps
  ~Smooth knee pads
  ~Same deep seat, knee blocks, wool flocking as Rondo 3
  ~Crupper attachment on the wider trees