1039 Balance Pro-Complete 1/2″ Base Pad

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Excellent condition.

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Used Balance Pro-Complete base pad in excellent condition.

If used and cared for correctly, this pad will give you many years of reliable use.
The internal foam/gel is very resilient and will retain its qualities of being soft enough to provide cushioned comfort to the horse, whilst recovering its shape fast enough to keep up with the rapid muscle movements that go on in the horse’s back, under the saddle.

The only conditions we have seen a change in this, is in countries where the temperature drops well below freezing forextended periods of time. In this environment we have seen the gel/foam become rather stiff.

Therefore, if you plan to ride your horse when the temperature is this low, we would advise that you keep this pad in a heated environment. If this is not
possible, you should saddle your horse up in the usual way, but then once the saddle and pads are in place, we would suggest that you place a rug over the horse and the saddle. Wait for a few minutes until the warmth of the horse/s body softens the pad back to its correct feel before you start riding the horse.
The Pro-Complete pad should always be used between a well-shaped and absorbent saddle pad (numnah) and the saddle. As it will not be directly on the horse, it will not get as dirty as a normal saddle pad, but it should still be washed from time to time.

We recommend that you always hand wash your Pro-Complete pad because washing machines can damage the bond between Pro-Complete layers. Avoid the use of harsh detergents that could cause allergic reactions in the horse’s skin.

Always allow to line/air dry (no tumble dryers) and avoid leaving the dark coloured pads in strong/direct sunlight, to avoid fading.
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