1039 The CorrecTOR Pad, English

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The English Corrector is designed to:

  1. Protect the moving scapula from the head of the tree, without pushing the saddle as the horse bends & turns. 
  2.  Position the saddle just at the rear of the shoulders. The Corrector should extend 3″ in front of the tree head.
  3. Stabilize side to side roll and keep the saddle from sliding up over the shoulders on landing, or in the downhill. Normally the placement of billets and width of tree are the deciding factors here, but no more. Correct saddle placement is almost universal.
  4. Reduce severe seat aids to the horse which cause Dorsiflexion and the resultant hollowing of the back. It’s much cheaper for saddlers to attach the rear sweatflap and outer flap leather tabs full thickness over the sharp angled Edge of the bars at the rear. The only alternative is to; Castle cut and skive, then interlace, the 2 thin layers as one, over the sharp edge of the bar. Only a few custom makers build, on request, in this manner, thereby eliminating the set of knuckles above the stuffed panels at the rear of your flaps. You can’t feel them but your horse can. Lift your saddle and palpate that spot on both sides of your horse. You might be surprised! The only reasons saddlemakers put them there in the first place is to overcome the pain caused at the ft. of the saddle so the seat aids are noticed by the horse, and it’s cheaper!  WITH The CorrecTOR YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT OVERCOMING THE PAIN AT THE FRONT OF THE SADDLE!