1039 The Natural Hoof Shoe, Size 3

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The Natural Hoof Shoe is a great solution when your horse has lost a shoe or when your barefoot horse needs protection. This soft, lightweight shoe slips on easily and wraps around the hoof for a contoured fit, secured with elasticized double hook-and-loop closures and free from buckles, clips or dials. Made with a ballistic nylon upper for tough durability, the sole is a textured rubber that gives exceptional traction on any surface. A soft open-mesh foam cushions the heel bulb and the padded tongue covers the sensitive coronet band. With open mesh on both sides for air circulation and drainage, water will not collect in the boot. Whenever your horse unexpectedly throws a shoe, the machine washable Natural Hoof Shoe enables schooling and turn-outs to continue until your farrier arrives. For the best fit, measure diagonally from the corner of the horse’s heel to the corner of the toe, and round up any partial measurements. Sold individually. Size 3 – 5 1/2″ – 6″.

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