1370 Thinline Sheepskin Half Pad, L

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The ThinLine Sheepskin Trifecta Correction Half Saddle Pad was made for riders seeking a low-maintenance pad with superior protection, fit and style. ThinLine performance foam provides 95 percent shock absorption with minimal bulk. The design also ensures a nonslip saddle fit while helping to minimize excess rider movement. Antifungal and antimicrobial, the pad is low-maintenance, extremely durable and ventilates both heat and moisture.


  • Unmatched design: Spine free channel allows the Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine.
  • Compatible fit: Sheepskin half pad is shimmable for a custom fit, and will work with both off the rack and custom saddles.
  • The ThinLine: A thin, shock-absorbing, non-slip breathable foam is sewn onto the panel of all ThinLine saddle pads.
  • Versatility: To fit under both custom fitted and off the rack saddles.
  • Easy-to-adjust: Pockets for shims allow for minor saddle fitting adjustments.
  • Sizing:  Size Large will fit most saddles over 18″; total spine length is 25″, spine length between sheepskin rolls is 19.5″, and saddle pad measures 18.5″ across.