1377 Parelli Discover the Catching Game DVD

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Put an end to those “you can’t catch me games” horses play, and discover how to convince your horse that coming to you is the best idea. The secret is not to catch your horse but have your horse catch you. It’s all about reverse psychology! 1: Catching Concepts (10 min) Pat and a pasture full of horses explore the kind of relationship and confidence that makes a horse want to come to you. 2: The Catching Game (24 min) Pat demonstrates his techniques with an experienced horse and then how the Catching Game works with a horse that is usually hard to catch. 3: More Demo’s (17 min) Watch two more horses respond to the same approach…quickly, easily, confidently! 4: Q&A (21 min) Pat delves deeper into the psychology of catching, and answers questions from horses that are hard to catch in a stall, to catching horses in a herd. 5: Just for fun (3 min) Pat plays the Catching Game with three new horses at once before a riveted crowd.