1405 Bathing and Show Prep Grooming Lot


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Excellent condition – lot of grooming/bathing supplies.

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A lot of mostly new or slightly used grooming products.  Some are more used than others, but most are more than 3/4 full to unused.

Large round grooming sponge with a rope attachment.

Blue sweatscraper

2 mane combs

1 slightly used Suave extra hold styling gel

1 full Mane ‘n Tail Spray ‘n White

2 new plastic hoof product applicators (blue and purple)

1 Vetrolin Shine, full, 1 used – 1/3-1/2 full.

1 SuperShine Black Hoof Polish, 3/4 full?  1 SuperShine Clear Hoof Polish 3/4 full

1 SunShield with Solar Guard Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo, 1/2 full

1 Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner Spray, mostly full

1 Mane ‘n Tail Detangler, 4oz, 1/2 full

1 Vetrolin Green Spot Out, 2/3 full

1 Nexxus Therappe Shampoo, full

1 Suave Kids Detangling Spray, new

2 bottles of baby oil, one Johnson and Johnson, one Shop n’ Save, both full.

2 bottles of Jeffers Equine Hair Care Waterless Shampoo – new

1 Bottle Tail and Mane Antistatic Creme Rinse, new

1 bottle Cowboy Magic Shine In Yellowout Whitening Shampoo, 1/2 full

3 Bottles Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo, 32oz, full

2 package of MediChoice Premium Adult Wipes. One unopened, one mostly full (and still usable/moist).