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Body for Winners helps maintain bulk and supports healthy energy metabolism.  Balances antioxidant function in the management of free radical formation resulting from high-level physical activity.  Helps build and maintain lean muscle mass with Arginine, Leucine, Calcium HMB, minerals, Creatine, and a proprietary herbal recovery blend.


1lb = 43 day supply  3lbs =129 day supply 10lbs = 430 day supply

Formulated for horses in training, competing, for sale, or the pleasure horse that could use some toning and lean mass, Body for Winners is designed to maximize the horse’s ability to build and maintain lean muscle mass.

This formula supplies important amino acids Arginine and anabolic Leucine metabolite Calcium HMB, minerals, Creatine and specific herbal extracts to support healthy muscular function and activity.

This formula is also designed to support healthy energy metabolism and balanced antioxidant function to manage the free radical formation that can occur as a result of intense, high-level physical activity.

Strong, defined muscles start with the right nutritional support.  Whether you want to add muscle to your racehorse, endurance or polo horse, or just add some more pounds to your pleasure horse, Body for Winners can truly make a difference

Formulated to help maximize the horse’s ability to build and maintain lean muscle, Body for Winners contains amino acids, minerals and herbal extracts formulated in Pro Formula Lab’s proprietary Recovery and Muscle blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

– Magnesium supplementation has been shown to support performance and endurance. It increases oxygen delivery to muscle tissue to help endurance, maintain muscle strength, and provide support for recovery. Magnesium also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids, which leads to protein synthesis.  A deficient horse is likely to have a poor tolerance to work and its muscles may tie up quite easily.  Magnesium is also known to play an important part in managing equine obesity.
– Proprietary Muscle Blend:  L-Arginine increases blood flow and the release of growth hormone.  HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid L-Leucine, which signals the body to grow muscle bulk.  Creatine is the base of the important energy storage form Creatine Phosphate.
– Proprietary Recovery Blend:  The herbs Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Maca Root Powder, Saw Palmetto Extract and Chrysin have antioxidant activity, and may help prevent the drop in testosterone that may accompany heavy training.
– Zinc is important for the release of insulin and its action on glucose uptake by muscle, muscle cell proliferation and as an important part of antioxidant enzyme activity as Superoxide Dismutase.

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