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An English-type saddle, the “El Campo” line was designed for Allround use, such as:  Dressage, Working Equitation, Classical Riding, Eventing, and Trail Riding.  The shoulder relief panels allow for close contact to the horse and the contact area makes this saddle perfect for long trail rides.  It’s near vertical flaps make it an ideal saddle for Dressage Schooling.  The Velcro knee rolls allow an individual adaptation to the rider’s leg.  This saddle is a reliable partner for dressage and smaller jumps.  With the continuously adjustable gullet width and the anatomically shaped wool flocked panels, the saddle can be adjusted to the horses back anytime.  As the saddle is kept short, it is also suitable for horses with a short back.


Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree
Gullet: completely adjustable gullet width
Seat size: S1, S2, S3
Saddle leather: Natural, Chestnut, HB2, Havanna, African, Black

Seat leather:

  • Nappa or Nubuck – colors: sand, cognac, brown, black
  • Aspen – colors: tobacco, rattan, blackberry, black
  • Special colors available (upcharge applies)

Hardware: brass, stainless steel
Panels: wool flocking
Weight: approximately 17.5 lbs.
Saddle length: approximately 21 inches
Length of flap: approximately 20/21 inches
Specials: velcro knee blocks, hardware decoration

Ultra-Flex Trees

Our line of Baroque Saddles are built on our flexible Ultra-Flex Saddle tree, made out of high quality Carbon Fiber. The advantage of our Ultra-flex tree is, that although they are slightly flexible, they will not collapse underneath a rider’s weight, while allowing the horse to move out freely. A great benefit of the Ultra-Flex tree is that it’s also very light weight and most riders enjoy this benefit greatly. We take great pride in bringing you one of the best and most reliable flexible trees available on today’s market.


Gullet Width

The Baroque Saddles are available with our patented continuously adjustable gullet system, which allows the rider to easily narrow or widen the width by as much as necessary, or fine tune the fit by just a fraction of an inch via an Allen Wrench, without ever having to take the saddle apart. This system is adjustable from K1-K5 (compare to narrow through extra-wide), which is comparable to the Sprenger Measuring System for Withers Size 6 through Size 2.

Seat Size

The Baroque saddles are available in 4 different seat sizes (measured on the bare tree prior to being built):

S1 approximately 16.5 inches (comparable to 15″ Western or 16.5″ English)
S2 approximately 17.5 inches (comparable to 16″ Western or 17.5″ English)
S3 approximately 18 inches (comparable to 17″ Western or 18.5″ English)

If you need a larger seat, please contact us directly before ordering.


The panels of our Baroque saddles are available in various thicknesses.

Cellular rubber-Inlay

Soft core inlay that helps to prevent wool flocking from balling up, increasing the longevity of the wool.

Made out of high quality cellular rubber (approximately. 5 mm).

Synthetic wool

After the Inlay is attached inside of the panels, the panels are flocked with high quality synthetic wool. You can choose between three different thicknesses of flocking:

• thin flocking 4 – 6 cm (approx. 1.6″ – 2.4″)
• medium flocking 6 – 8 cm (approx. 2.4″ – 3.1″)
• thick flocking  8 – 10 cm (approx. 3.1″ – 3.9″)

Channel Width

A remarkable advantage to mention is that the panels are only attached in the front and back of the tree, to provide maximum comfort for the horse.

To ease the pressure that is normally applied to the spine, the panels give slightly, so the spine doesn’t have to. When panels are completely attached (sewn) from front to back, it would be the spine of the horse, that would have to give to pressure. This is not the case in our models. The horse can bend freely, damages to the spinal area of the horse are therefore eliminated.

Note: the channel will slightly widen or narrow when using the Allen wrench adjustable fork system.

• narrow 4 cm (approx. 1.6″)

• medium 6 cm (approx. 2.4″) Standard

• wide 8 cm (approx. 3.1″)

channel width


Additional information

Additional Information

Seat Size

S1, S2, S3