0001 Dura Tech Verashim Quilted 6 Pocket Shim Half Pad

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Dura-Tech® Verashim Quilted 6 Pocket Shim Half Pad
Finally, a shim half pad that you can adjust to meet every horse’s needs, while the cut-away wither eliminates pressure for an even better saddle fit.


  • Made from soft, durable, quilted cotton top and bottom with layered foam, wool felt and crush-proof memory foam
  • 6 pockets, 3 sets of varying shim thicknesses with each pad (18 shims total)
  • 1 set of 3/16″ felt, 1 set of 1/4″ ortho-foam and 1 set of 1/2″ ortho-foam
  • Front, center and rear shims in each set
  • Cut-away wither eliminates pressure and does not restrict shoulder movement
  • One size fits most saddles
  • Pad attaches to saddle D’s with small front hook and loop closure tabs
  • Machine Washable
  • Measurements: Center spine length 23 1/2″, side length 25″

The pad is about ½” thick without the shims. The core of the pad (between the quilted cotton top and bottom) is made of crush-proof memory foam and wool felt. It has 6 pockets and comes with 3 sets of shims of varying thicknesses. There 3 sets of 6 orthopedic foam felt shims at 3/16”, ¼” and ½” thicknesses.

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