Winter Educational Seminars Pre-Registration

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The Trainer’s Loft is proud to present our winter educational seminar series!

Pre-registration for in person is highly recommended and entitles you to 5% off all in-store purchases on the day of the seminar only. There are limited spots for the in-person seminar, and registration is non-refundable.

Pre-registration for Zoom is REQUIRED and will close at 9pm the evening before the class to insure that we can get the Zoom link to everyone who registers.

Registrations are non-refundable. Your registration saves your spot and makes it unavailable for someone else. Whether you register for Zoom or in-person, please make sure the event works well with your calendar!




April 29th, 9-11:

The Neurologic Horse – Tick Borne Diseases and EPM in Equines with Dr. Eric Swinebroad and Beth Lynn Lewis

Learn about EPM and Tick Borne diseases – both of which attack the brain in horses, causing a host of symptoms from mild to life threatening.

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